Beatiful Mask Batik Painting


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Batik paintings are usually used as wall decorations. We only sell batik paintings without frames, considering that the shipping costs for batik with frames are very expensive.

Our batik paintings are made by traditional artists. Batik painters have no formal education, they learn to paint batik from generation to generation from their parents. Every painter has their own characteristics for every painting they make. Here you can choose batik paintings that suit your taste.

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Contents 100% Cotton

This Batik Painting is hand dyed individually by Indonesian artists in Yogyakarta. The painting is made on 100% cotton. All dyes are colorfast- machine wash and dry. Masks are an essential feature of traditional cultures and arts.

Batik paintings are sold without frames. Because shipping with frames is very expensive.

size: 18 x 28 inch (45 x 71 cm)

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Weight 70 g